No Communist Revolution for Britain

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No Communist Revolution for Britain
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Britain is lacking centres of workers in high volume

Service/government jobs do not create the kind of consciousness we need or potential for solidarity

Workers do not have accesss or knowledge of firearms

Cultural level is low and backward

Leftism is ideologically ingrained

Workers do not appear to be able to learn lessons from defeat on any meaningful scale

Capitalist press is main source of information for workers

There are plenty more reasons I could probably list, feel free to add to the list. It begs the question what then would increase the potentiality for revolution in Britain? But if there is little to no chance what at least can we do to support workers in countries where there is far more potential? Such as China, India, or Brazil. Instead of being a military bulwark of reaction perhaps we can be something else even if that means sacrificing the chance of revolution in Britain. 

I would like to hear what other people think from similar 'advanced' democratic countries



Not just for Britain

Even 'Communists and Marxists' will not have workers electing the truth.

They reserve that power to either a party or some other elite, like physicists.

Whilst it is so, no workers' power anywhere.

we'll be there... when

we'll be there... when democracy collapses in two




i.e. don't underestimate (as

i.e. don't underestimate (as you may, or may not have?) the approaching thingy

ofc there are no "perfect" storms, and our wise leaders are doing well so far! but yeah

Bourgeois proletariat!

radicalchains, you are absolutely right. But you forget the primary reason for the apathy of workers in Britain (like in France, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Australia, etc.): money. People who are paid above the value of their labor force, people who handsomely profit from the privileged position of Britain and other imperialist countries in the world can not to rebel: they would lose with that. Equality would make them lose all their advantages.

Out of pity, as it's nice to hear that! The bourgeois proletariat fuck us. It has been theorized long ago by Engels and Lenin. Oddly, the “Communist” bourgeois proletariat "forget" that part of the Marxist theory. Hey, forgetful gentlemen, how to explain the betrayal of the Second International without this theory? How to explain the emergence of a totalitarian bureaucracy in the USSR? Privileged employees that act as bourgeois! Employees who exploit the proletariat, and finally become perfect bourgeois!

A little too much money in the pocket, a little too much privilege to forget essential parts of Marxism. The revolution will pass on the body of bourgeois proletariat, Stalinist or otherwise.

Nationalist, corporatist, corrupt bourgeois proletariat!

Bourgeois-proletariat in Engels and Lenin's texts

not that this answers your

not that this answers your question, but it's so insane that i had to post it


Partial response to Tagore2

The ICC's article, 'The ‘labour aristocracy’: a sociological theory to divide the working class' is a useful antidote to arguments about 'bourgeois workers'.



cool ^^ ! Sorry about my

cool ^^ !

Sorry about my terrible posting in this thread.

It may just be the nature of the internet, but I think that liberal ideology is loosing its hold on wokers (in e.g. Britain). It's at best upsetting that this manifests as worrying comments on race, rather than you know what.