Trolls' tale

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Trolls' tale
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Once upon a time, Peter, Paul and Jacques was vivaciously chatting.

Suddenly, Jacques thought he saw a greenish coloring on the cheek of Paul, and pointed out to him:

_ It's weird, just now, I had the feeling that your cheek became green.

Very surprised, Paul looked back at him, and noticed also that the cheek's Jacques was green.

_ But you too, my friend! Your cheek is becoming green.

Pierre looked at them one after the other and exclaimed:

_ But it's true, my word! You're both green!

And immediately his face became as green as a frog.

_ What's happening to you? Jacques asked. You are becoming completely green.

_ Your skin becomes thick, Jacques, Paul adds. You look like a monster.

_ My God, it's horrible! said Pierre. Your skin is covered with pustules!

_ Your nose, grrr… grrr… is hooked… Jacques snorted. You look like an owl.

_ Grr… grr… grrr…

Already nobody could speak because all three were turned into trolls, grunting, moaning about the greenness of others. Nobody knew what to do.

The moral of this story is that if you see a little green on the figure of another, above all, does not notice it to him! You could change yourself into troll too.

it could be said i trolled

it could be said i trolled libcom, but i was just angry (always flamed) and confused (didn't understand why the flames) and trying to communicate...

they banned me for posting (incomprehensibly) too much... i would never try and defeat an anarchist organization from the inside hahah.

When vexed troll...

"Quand troll vexé, troll devenir encore plus chiant."

When vexed troll, troll become even more damn annoying. (litteraly "shiting")

Disclaimer: this concerns no one in particular: right now, I do not read the other threads.

Web post on trolling are often funny.