Solidarity with the International Communist Current

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Solidarity with the International Communist Current
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Solidarity with the International Communist Current


Recently an unprincipled and adventurous group with initial “IGCL” has attacked the International Communist Current with dirty methods. These smear campaigns only benefits the political police. Internationalists, regardless of their convergence or divergence in the political positions must reject such actions and stress that they have zero tolerance for such acts. We would like to express our solidarity to the comrades of the ICC and in defence of the proletarian values and principles; we will address the issue in more detail in near future.

Internationalist Voice

11th May 2014



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Communist Revolution or the Destruction of Humanity!


thank you Internationalist Voice

Thank you for posting this Internationalist Voice, what you say is very clear, brief,  and well stated.  In the atmosphere of lies  and confusion  that seems to be around in the communist left at the moment, I had been wondering about you, as an organization that is, and where you stood.  Could it possibly be, I wondered, that you were yet another group that defended a communist platform in writing but got up to distasteful petty bourgeois actions in secret?  Especially because you don't answer questions put to you on this website about the nature of your relationship to the ICC, if you have one that is.  And, if you don't have one then why not? Silence can  be revealing too. But I suppose we all have to accept each other's good faith unless evidence turns up that refutes it.  

I think we are all looking forward to anything further you have to say on this matter. 

Solidarity is needed for the communist left to thrive.  And given, as you say "Communist Revolution  or the Destruction of Humanity"  then the stakes are high.  

they have my solidartty in

they have my solidartty in however they deal with this apparent threat to their party [a group that does SEEM to want to destroy theirs, for apparently bizarre reasons], but i can't help but feel that making public too much on the subject is grist to the mill that say the icc are "crazy" and only interested in their own tiny party and its workings. after-all, its role is to encourage debate and engagement with its ideas on how to fight capitalism [under late capitalism], not to provide onlookers with sectarian or whatever drama.


best wishes :-)

Please notice our Communiqué

Comrade Fred!

Please notice our Communiqué.

Internationalist Voice


I am speaking for the ICC 'officially' here: we would like to send our belated but heartfelt appreciation for Internationalist Voice's statement of solidarity with the ICC following the attack by the IGCL. Such expressions of uncompromising and intransigent solidarity have proved only too rare in today's proletarian movement, which in general severely underestimates the reality of police manipulation and repression against revolutionary organisations.  


Fortunately some of your sympathisers were defending IV against the ICT's silence/indifference back in May...