"The only war which is worth fighting is the class war" Sheffield Meeting

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"The only war which is worth fighting is the class war" Sheffield Meeting
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Joint meeting of the Communist Workers Organisation and the Free Communist at the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair. Saturday 12th July. 10am-6pm The meeting starts at 4pm

This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the first great imperialist slaughter of 1914. The fiftieth anniversary was greeted in 1964 with a wave of anti-war cultural and historical events and comment. In the wake of the rising militarism at home (how many military charities have mushroomed in the last decade), and the changing nature of war (we don’t need to directly suffer over a war in Afghanistan or Iraq whereas every family was touched by the slaughter of the First World War) that this will be repeated. The current crisis in the wake of the nationalist orgy of last year’s Olympics mean that celebration rather than reflection are what the ruling class are what the ruling class want. In the face of all that would it not make sense to revive the idea of revolutionary defeatism, of “no war but the class war” amongst the revolutionary groups of today? Who knows we might even collectively make a small contribution to fighting the wave of nationalism which the ruling class are already swamping us with?

at Showroom Workstation

15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2BX July 12th 2014 


a suggestion

With ISIS rushing to declare an Islamic state and a Caliphate stretching from somewhere north of Baghdad down into Syria, and engaging in arbitrary murders all along the way, such is the expected behaviour of those who believe fanatically  in God it seems; and with the sordid murder by Hamas of three Israeli teenagers followed promptly, predictably and with almost gleeful anticipation of Biblical revenge by the vicious Israeli ruling class, whose vileness and viciousness is only rivaled by their equally crazed nationalistic Islamic enemies, the war in the Middle East seems set to spread  joyfully and unstoppably out and about!  Nationalism and its foul smelling  partner Religious mania seem such an easy disease to catch these decomposing days, and so infectious and so easily spread, like a political bubonic plague.  It beggars belief.   Its grim!  

Is there no stopping it?  Answer: yes.  The working class could put an end to all this nonsensical shit by saying 'enough' and going on strike.  But it doesn't appear that this will happen. The class is atomized and traumatized too. 

In the circumstances I hope your discussions in July will not just confine themselves to the 1st. World War but may take in current wars as well.  How might "revolutionary defeatism" operate today given the awful situation now in the Middle East?  The 'nationalism' at work in this war zone is of a more intensive and dangerous kind than that associated with World War 1 celebrations (if celebration is the right word!) or with the boring nationalism of the  Olympics  or the infantile nationalism of the World Cup. (Dont challenge me on this one or I'll bite you, sums it all up! But excuse me for a moment while I go home and count my money.)  

I realize that  the bourgeoisie' obsessions with their wonderful success in perpetrating earlier wars so triumphantly, and thus resuscitating for a few years their dying economies, is something they can't stop gloating about - and remembering  with crocodile tears all those unfortunate enough to have died pointlessly  for the bourgeois cause - and that this needs to be given a proletarian gloss, but dont forget also to talk about the bourgeoisie's current and more confusing bellicosity where its difficult even to know who's on which side as the sides keep changing anyway.

I hope  the meeting is well attended and that revolutionary fervour is generated. 

"...sordid murder..." Ok,

"...sordid murder..."

Ok, let's get some facts straight. Hamas has praised the attack, but they do not claim to be responsible. The two suspects in the kidnappings are militants aged 29 & 32, it's not yet clear what their organizational affiliations are officially.

The three Israelis just died today, hours ago. Israel shot and killed two unarmed Palestinian boys throwing rocks at armored vehicles in the West Bank less than 24 hours after the kidnapppings became public and all Palestinians have been under curfew since the boys were kidnapped. Five Palestinians have been killed in total since, and keep in mind, the three Israeli boys were only confirmed dead today. Killing unarmed children protesting the mobilisation of the IDF...that seems more like "sordid murder" to me...

Oh and then there's the Israeli bombing of Syria...

Abbas has been fully complicit in helping with these Israeli operations.

Hamas and the PNA just reconciled, don't forget. So this all has really stinky, fishy timing. Didn't you know Israel created Hamas? This pattern of using small acts of terrorist violence and the media stir to justify larger moves by the state is starting to get really obvious.



Everything is pretty sordid at the moment isn't it Jamal?  But I'm glad you're so angry. That's good. The bourgeoisie's news bulletins on which I  rely tell lies all the time.  I believed what Sky news said to the effect that  these were teenage school kids. The photos looked like school kids. You make it sound as if I am defending one group of terrorists in which I include Israel, against another.  I'm not!  I hope it doesn't sound like I was.  No, I didn't know Israel created Hamas, so thanks for telling me.   Did you know the British created Israel?  Yes, of course you did.  


The  good thing Jamal, is that you've  come  back and said something, and sound passionate and as if you mean it.   You do mean it of course. Our liberation is our own job. Nobody else will do it for us,  When you and others are quiet  and switched off its bad for us all.  There is no movement if nobody speaks, if there's no expressed response,  no feeling, no anger and resentment  against  the sordid crimes of the bourgeoisie. So well done Jamal. And if the mistakes I make in my posts can elicit such positive responses from you, and maybe others, then I'm happy. 

Please continue posting news items and response, and analysis as above, Jamal. You're really needed. We need you and others. We the working class, we need your voice.  Speak out for gods sake.  Fred. 

You're right, Fred everything

You're right, Fred everything is indeed very sordid. Didn't mean to derail this thread or come across as angry as I did, so I'll be brief.

The valuing of white, "European" Israeli lives over indiginous Palestinians is way too prevelant and these issues get a reaction out of me everytime. As much as we hate to believe it, kidnapping and murder happen all the time, all over the world. But it takes a special situation that such actions could result in this kind of official response:

(2 hours ago)

Just to say the the meeting

Just to say the the meeting was attended by about 22 people, many of which would consider themselves left communists, but only a couple of anarcho came along. Hopefully the audio will be available soon.

The audio from this meeting I

The audio from this meeting I will say it's not the best due to the fan that was behind the speakers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7tiVeG-Kkw

It was an excellent

It was an excellent introduction, which is a very important perspective. Despite the calamity of WW1 it still seems to be a minority voice in the working class. A shame the discussion didn't involve more anarchists perhaps arguing for some element of democracy to show up the distinction between the class line. Also it was only briefly mentioned that the class line should be the important marker, whether workers consider themselves Marxists or Anarchists or whatever organisation they may be in. A shame it was attended by most people already in the 'milieu'. But don't that discourage anyone, it's absolutely crucial this perspective is heard and becomes a bigger voice.