Forum was closed for maintenance - now it's back!

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Forum was closed for maintenance - now it's back!
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Maintenance work is finished, so you should be able to use the forum again as usual. Hope you didn't miss it too much.


Maintenance finished

Errr... like I said just above

Worth Repeating

As I posted on another thread some time ago ('Use of The Internet for Discussion' maybe?)

It behoves forum contributors to keep in mind from time to time that this space is a virtual building into which one is freely invited: the threads are the separate rooms for debate and one can have a private chat for detail/clarification in the corridor of private messaging. There is a lifetime's reading in the constantly updated virtual library.

It thus also behoves users to acknowledge those who -as it were- sweep the corridors and make sure the lights stay on etc.

So :

Thank you


(Had you not mentioned it. I personally wouldn't even know that the carriageway had been closed for maintenance: no chance you could sort out the M25 is there?)