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first far right part in europe [correct me?]??

racist, mad - etc..  but how dangerous?

i'm worried, not just concerned -  but suspect that the real horrors of the future won't come from parliament :-) !


thanks in advance for any replies.

poll day. they are going to

poll day.

they are going to do very well for such a clown party, and while it may expose the circus that is bourgoise demorcracy, i can't help but feel less safe - if a party like ukip get in charge.

Ukip 'insurgency'

Iem is right to raise this question. A discussion about the recent election results (in Europe as well as Britain, but particularly Britain) would be most timely. 

part of the Ukip appeal is that it claims to be 'real' while the other parties are the circus. Farage had made play on the fact that people who have been too disillusioned to vote for decades are now voting for his party. They portray themselves as anti-establishment, as rebels, as speaking the truths we are 'not allowed' to say.  It's an example of the way 'rebellion' and the expression of discontent can be totally distorted in this phase of the system.

to the dustbins with them all

If people who were previously too disillusioned to vote have turned out for UKIP in force - the most amazing electoral turn-around for a hundred years, according to Farage  - then how come the total electoral turn out was a mere 35%?   A landslide for UKIP maybe, but hardly a triumph for bourgeois democracy.  And the increase in the number of citizens squandering their precious privilege of bourgeois voting rights on outrageously right wing dangerous and looney candidates suggests to me a decided lack of seriousness among a large percentage of the 35% who bothered to go to the polls at all.  Nobody believes in Europe anymore, if they ever did.  


An increasing  percentage of members of the European Parliament actually just want to get rid of it!  That's the only reason they're there.  What a triumph for European democracy!  The bourgeoisie must be delighted their system is working so well.  


Bourgeois democracy is running into very hard times; from Britain to Thailand.  The latter is turning into a very dangerous basket case indeed.  The military have taken over yet again, but without the King's  permission in advance.  He only got himself safely on board  after the event, according to Australian tv. This new band of military men, seem much more thuggish and potentially vicious than previous aspirants to "democracy" under military dictatorship in this sad country.   


The Red Shirts, in Thailand, whose leaders believe in charitable handouts to the poor, mostly peasant agricultural strugglers, and have as their hero the exiled PM Thaksin who sparked off these phony handouts - thus terrifying those more conservative citizens who saw it as a kind  of creeping socialism -  have also a nowadays slightly fading passion  for the monarchy, or really just the King, who  they understand loves them deeply.  


In his younger days, he moved among the peasant poor doing good works, with his glamorous wife in tow like a film star, showing them how to irrigate the land using bamboo canes as conduits, advising them to grow fruit trees not eucalyptus, (very sensible). and generally developed for himself  very humbly a sort of god like aura, which only confirmed his godly birthright.  Well now, this god, has once again turned for support to the military for the perpetuation of his privileges, and those too of the Yellow Shirts who are like a Thai equivalent  of rich British Tories; pompous traditionalists with standards, who value, rather than  actually love and adore the King as do the Reds,  for his authoritarian reliability,  But he can't live  for ever, though he has claimed that he will, though this was only to refute the general fear in Thailand that his son in cahoots with the military and perhaps the  Yellow Shirts  will take over the place for ever.   What a mess it all this.  


This is what  bourgeois democracy reduces itself too in an age of decomposition.  Competing factions who can never agree, can never win a majority in parliament,  who grow to loathe each other more each day, as do Democrats and Republicans in the USA,  and who are gradually tearing their countries  to pieces as their economies collapse or stagnate.  But they are also at the same time shredding accepted understandings of the rightness and legitimacy of phony bourgeois democracy to govern at all, which is good for us.


And  in Thailand the military loom menacingly over everything. It could all end in civil war. It could turn Thailand into a Syria. It could start the rot in S.East Asia.  The tragic thing about Thailand is the absence of the working class as a force and a class in its own right.  The working class alone  is capable of putting a stop to the idiotic melodrama of the competing Reds and Yellows  and the farcical doings of democracy bourgeois style.   



But then democracy is a farce in Europe too, isn't it?   Sky News tried to impose some sort of sense on it all last night, after the elections,  on behalf of Britain, and altogether failed.  Party leaders talked a lot but said nothing in a very obvious and almost embarrassing way.  Their economic and verbal bankruptcy was there for all to see.  Various experts got excited over their own silly  passions  ( the liberals will do much better without  Nick Clegg as leader: labour will show that it cares for people: the Tories will put the country right: UKIP will get rid of Europe and  stop immigration - and so will we chorus Labour and Tories not to be outdone) and the whole thing slithers into a slanging match.  If ever the outdatedness  and bankruptcy of ideas of capitalism as a political system  was needing to be finally exposed internationally  it is happening now. 


To the dustbins with them all.  



do you oppose fascism?


is the doctrine against ant-fascism nothing more than not fighting in the united / popular front ?