Lampudesa tragedy: Capital and its politicians are responsible

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Lampudesa tragedy: Capital and its politicians are responsible
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Lampudesa tragedy: Capital and its politicians are responsible. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

spineless fishermen

So it's all the fault of fishermen that immigrants fleeing their appalling circumstances in Africa drowned near Lampedusa. Speaking cynically, perhaps the dead dont know how lucky they are. After all, working life in fortress Europe is hardly a bed of roses even for workers born there.  For illegal immigrants ...well they are just asking for every trouble capitalism can cough up to rain down on their heads like so much poisoned vomit.  Like being paid as little as possible; living 20 or more to a poky room in disgusting filth; and haunted and hunted daily by the police, longing to beat them up, and employers yearning to exploit them as lower paid lackeys who can't fight back. 


 And as for the fishermen;  like the majority of their class they are a slovenly, dangerous and idle collection of degenerates.  It is thanks to their total self-seeking selfishness that 20,000  honest immigrants, only seeking an honest days work - something that idle and cosseted European workers including Italian fishermen, have as the last of their preoccupations - are compelled to drown in the Mediterranean every year, before the very eyes of the said fishermen, who rarely if ever lift a finger to help.  Perhaps they think that giving assistance to drowning immigrants yearning to attain the mythical and Golden Shores of working class Europe will somehow threaten their own jobs?    What poppycock and what nonsense!  Don't they understand that a bit of honest competition is precisely what is needed to liven up the sullen workers of Europe, including recalcitrant fishermen?  


If these fishermen, and other workers in Europe, weren't such a spineless collection of idiots and frightened of their own shadows, they would surely realize that helping fellow humans in moments of distress, like off-shore drownings, should automatically take precedence over any laws established to prohibit illegal entry, no matter how essential these laws are.  But no! Self preservation is all that matters to these fellows.  Fear of the consequences of helping the dying and the destitute takes precedence over humanitarian concerns!  Typical working class shortsightedness. 


When I wrote above that "helping fellow humans in moments of distress, like offshore drownings should automatically take precedence over any laws to prohibit illegal entry ...." I was saying more than I understood at the time.  For, the working class, in its struggles, has eventually to engage in what the bourgeoisie will see as "illegality". Only by challenging the legality of the bourgeoisie's laws governing production and exchange, and only by breaking that legality and the bourgeoisie's power, is the proletariat going to get anywhere.  So the ship's captain who helped drowning illegal immigrants (see the article above)  and got arrested for his pains, AND FOR  BREAKING THE LAWS OF THE BOURGEOISIE, has indicated the way forwards for us all and we should try to follow his example in other circumstances and work situations where bourgeois "legality" frustrate working class needs. Our needs, our vision, takes precedence over theirs, because their world view is antiquated, destructive and choking human progress.  We are seeking to free ourselves from it, and bring into being a new way of living and an advanced notion of what constitutes legality and acceptable human behaviour. 


you are not alone

In your anger 

Take for example the goon they called 'Phoney Bliar', Prime Murderer of England ('97-whenever): 50 million counts of pre-meditated theft, serious fraud, armed robbery, perjury, accomplice before and after the fact of multiple torture and murder: let alone the 'lesser' 1,057,987 charges to be taken into account of tax evasion, false accounting etc.

From 'our' point of view - if I may be so bold - it is apoplexically tragic how bleeding obvious the mystification is : even in 'Neo-Liberal' 'Reformist' terms the removal of 'the right to remain silent'. 'illegal' to take your sister a bowl of soup on a striker's picket line unless you work in the same industry ('secondary picketing') are obscene. The oppressive force of these even stuck in the craw of more 'human' mini-bourgeois elements but the complete and utter impotence of same to make the slightest difference simply resoundingly confirms the complete and utter impotence of ANY 'Liberalism' or 'Reformism' to change a jot or tittle of the actual misery on the ground.  

The very concepts of 'rights' and 'law' - presented as somehow 'outside' the vicious material base of Capitalist relations - are not only empty and self-justifying but positive 'accomplices' to the domination.

Now ... with regard to the permeating of this foul water which washes the brains of the cannon fodder front-line enforcers (police, army) who are actually just badly paid, overworked, ripped off, expendable, 'workers-in-uniform' ... well it raises questions : there have undoubtedly been times in history when these same 'workers-in-uniform' were the first to advance in the process of consciousness: by NOT pulling that trigger or by shooting their 'bosses' .... 

That all law is ultimately 'martial law' was revealed, so they 'shot the 'Law' as it were....


(how's my 'driving' Fred? : no German , no quotes)