Anti-spam policy - moderated posts and id deletion

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Anti-spam policy - moderated posts and id deletion
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First of all, a notice to spammers: why bother? In order to discourage the monstrous quantities of spam which constantly invade the Internet, this site is protected by the Mollom antispam service. Mollom is very effective and blocks 99.9% of spam before it even hits the site, and the rest gets shot down by our ever vigilant webmaster.

That's for the spammers. For bona fide members of the forum, the anti-spam can be a pain, because it can mean that your perfectly honest comments either get thrown out altogether, or get diverted into the moderation queue and will stay there until the (ever vigilant of course) webmaster gets round to rescuing them. Please bear with us. 

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about preventing spammers from actually creating user id's, so from time to time we will be clearing down detected spammers and users who have not connected for more than 6 months. This should not affect bona fide forum members, but error is human and if by any chance you lose your login id, then just create it again - our apologies.