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ICC site upgrade
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The ICC site is going through a series of upgrades and the English pages are next in line. This means that from around 10 September, for a period of two to three weeks, it won't be possible to put up new articles in English or post on the discussion forum. We hope this won't cause too much disruption or inconvenience. We will let readers and forum users know if there are any changes to this schedule by posting on this thread prior to the current upgrade date. 

last chance to post is today -

For a couple of weeks probably

Back at last!

After many more weeks than first expected, we are back at last!

You will find here some important information about the impact of the site upgrade on the forum use.

If you encounter technical issues with this upgraded version, or if you want to tell us what you think of it, we encourage you to use this topic to comment.

So... let's go!

first in!

glad to have it back.


just checking ....well done for being the first


CHAMPIONSHIP! Oops, wrong forum!

I can't believe the ICC forum made me answer a math question to log on! At least it wasn't spelling!

Edit-button issue


d-man wrote:


Seems there is no edit-button.



Welcome back its good to have

Welcome back its good to have a sane voice in these irrational and dangerous times.

Hello again comrades

Hi! I am Teivos. I posted before in some threads, some of them I fear got deleted during the renewal of the web I guess because I figured as an 'Anonymous' user. Also my user was deleted so I am introducing myself here again. I still can´t write elsewhere but there is no rush.
Fraternal regards!


Welcome back dave63 and

Welcome back dave63 and Teivos. Hopefully you should both be able to post now.


I’m Mizar and I have restored my account too. I’m going to take part in discussion on various questions which are interesting to me.

Title-thread hyperlink issue

d-man wrote:

Homer Badman

To the forum-admin: the title-thread doesn't link to the article, as was the case in the past

webmaster wrote:

Update (01/11/2018)

4) Due to development interruptions, few features have now been abandoned on the website. Concerning the forum, the convenient “DiscussThis” feature (which permitted the creation of a forum topic from an article page) is now unfortunately unmaintained and therefore unusable.

Unfortunately, because this automated hyperlink generation was part of the "DiscussThis" feature, that means such hyperlinks have now to be created by the topic author if wanted; they can't be automatically generated anymore.